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What phones can I export files to?

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2019 01:07PM GMT
You can export audio in a number of ways from Audio Notetaker.
  • You can select multiple chunks of audio and export them as a single file. You will be able to choose the audio format you export in, from m4a, opus or wav, and if you are using Windows: wma. If the original audio is mp3 (and you have conversion switched off) then you will also be able to export as mp3.
  • You can export your entire Audio Notetaker file as an audio album. This is only available in our Windows version. Export as album will create audio files in the wma format unless the original file was mp3 or m4a and then the album will use that format. 
  • You can also export directly to iTunes. 

As long as your phone can play the file formats listed then you will be able to export your files and listen to them on your phone.

When you export your file to an album or to iTunes then a track is created for each section of your document; we use the first part of the text pane for your track name and the image pane as your track art work. And with export to iTunes the text and reference pane as lyrics.
As long as your phone supports this then you will be able to see and listen to your entire document.

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