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How do I locate my error log file?

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 11:15AM GMT
If you have contacted us at and we have asked for your error log then it can be easily found from within Audio Notetaker or you can browse directly to it.

Audio Notetaker records three files with user information.
(The Windows folder is shown, but the same three files are on both Windows and Mac versions)

1. Audio Notetaker Preferences.xml records your settings, such as colour and chunk sizes.

2. History.xml records the files you have opened with Audio Notetaker, and your previous search terms. You  can edit these in App Menu>System>Options>History

3. Log.txt records any error messages, you may be asked to send a copy of this file to to help diagnose any problems you may encounter.

Your user data files can be found by selecting Locate User Data from the App menu (Windows and Mac):

Or on Windows

You can find it by pressing the start button (or Windows Key R) and typing %APPDATA% in the search box, then press enter.
Open the folder Sonocent > Audio Notetaker > 4.0
The three user files are stored here.

And On Mac

You can find it by;

Open a new Finder window.
Go to Go > Go to Folder (Cmd+Shift+G) and enter ~/Library/Application Support/Audio Notetaker/4.0

The three user files are stored here.

If you have contacted us at then we may have asked you for your Mac System reports, here's how you can find those:


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