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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014 09:49AM GMT

Version 2.8


This version fixes a few bugs and brings the following features to Audio Notetaker:

  1. Microsoft WMA decoder - WMA files can now be imported and played back in Audio Notetaker without relying on any 3rd party applications.
  2. Export with playback settings - If you change the volume, speed or add Noise Cancellation to your file you can now export your audio with those settings.
  3. Extract Colours - You can now select whether to extract coloured chunks or sections to either a new document or one you already have open.
  4. Unsaved Recordings - These are now moved to the Trash rather than being deleted.
  5. Word highlighting with Text To Speech - If you use the Mac's inbuilt Speech tool (Edit menu > Speech) then the words will be highlighted in Audio Notetaker as they are spoken.

Version 2.7

This version brings seven major changes to your Audio Notetaker experience as well as support for Retina Displays.

  1. The Reference Pane - This is a second text pane, allowing you to import reference material alongside your own textual notes. It works in the same way as the main Text Pane.
  2. Noise Cancellation - Applied during playback, this helps remove some of the background noise in the recording. It can be found on the playback controls.
  3. Opus Encoding - Audio Notetaker now records in the standardised Opus audio encoding system.
  4. Trim Silences - Select chunks and reduce the silence between them.
  5. Viewer Mode - When your trial licence has expired you can continue to view your Audio Notetaker files in Viewer Mode.
  6. Colouring Shortcuts - When the audio pane has focus you can use the digits 0-9 as colouring shortcuts.
  7. Copy Text from Slides - You can copy the text from your slides into the reference pane.

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