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4. Audio Replace

Last Updated: May 09, 2017 01:51PM IST

Audio Replace allows you to use a better quality recording in place of your existing one; keeping all your section breaks, slides, text and colours! This lets you create your notes while recording live even when you know you'll get a better quality recording at a later date.

You will need to have your Audio Notetaker Project file and an audio recording of the same thing! It doesn't matter if there's a little extra audio at the beginning and end of the files (we expect this) but the end results can vary if you have edited the actual audio in either the original or replacement.


If you want to try this out we have an Audio Replace Tutorial File you can use to see it an action. \Documents\Audio Notetaker Recordings\Demo Files\Audio Replace Tutorial.ran


If you've used the Audio Replace Tutorial file then listen through the audio to hear the poor version of the audio.

If you used the Audio Replace Tutorial file listen back to the audio to hear the difference.

  1. Open your Audio Notetaker Project. \Documents\Audio Notetaker Recordings\Demo Files\Audio Replace Tutorial.ran
  2. Click on the Tools button on the toolbar and choose Audio Replace.
  3. Find your replacement audio and click open. \Documents\Audio Notetaker Recordings\Demo Files\Audio Replace Example Audio.mp3
  4. Your existing project will be unaffected; we create a new project for your replacement audio and then add in all your images, text and colourscolors.
  5. Audio that was in your original file but not in the replacement will be shaded.
  6. Audio that is in your replacement file but not in the orignal will be grey.

Because of the way we use chunks to display your audio you may find that the section breaks and chunk colours are slightly different from the original.


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