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Reference Guide: 4.2 Playback Control

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 12:11PM GMT

The Audio toolbar has the usual Play, Pause (icon changes), Forward and Rewind controls: Forward and rewind will always jump to the start of a chunk so you can quickly judge where you are.

There is also a playback speed control which allows you to speed up and slow down the audio and a slider to change the volume – there may be a slight lag before a change to these controls takes effect. Volume and speed settings along with the Audio Cleanup and Voice Shift options are saved with your file and can be used when you export your audio.


Pause Mode


If you would like to play just one chunk at a time, you can put playback in Pause Mode with the button: Once in Pause Mode, playback will stop automatically at the end of every chunk (if longer than 2.5 seconds), and if you stop playback within a chunk, the playback position will automatically rewind 2 seconds. This mode makes phrase-by-phrase transcription much easier. Unlike everywhere else in Audio Notetaker where we encourage you to work with focus in the Audio Pane, transcription is much easier staying in the Text pane; use Ctrl+Space to start and stop playback.


Playback Problems


If you can't hear anything when playing audio back you should check the following (ideally use the inbuilt tutorial file - App Menu → Help → Tutorial):

  1. Check to see that the audio cursor is moving through your audio chunks. The play button should have changed to:



    If not then you need to move the cursor into your audio and press play.
  2. Check that the volume slider is not at the lower end of the scale. Move it to the middle position.
  3. Check that your computers volume control is not muted and is at a normal level.
  4. Check your audio playback devices (especially if you are using an external microphone).You can do this System Preferences → Sound → Output → Select the device you want to use when Audio Notetaker plays your audio.
  5. If you are using an external playback device check that any volume controls are turned up.

Footswitch Support


Audio Notetaker for the Mac does not currently support any footswitches

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