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Reference Guide: 7.1 Formatting Text

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 01:00PM GMT

Text can be formatted and edited using the Text Side Bar options or the standard shortcut keys: CMD B - bold, CMD I - italic, CMD U - underline, CMD X - cut, CMD C - copy, CMD V - paste.

The text colour can be changed using the text side bar; the colours available are the same as the chunk colours (use Edit Colour Key to change them).

Default font style, size and colourcolor for the text pane are set in App Menu → System → Settings → Themes. It is recommended that you set these, to save you continually setting the font size and style for each new section.


Bullets and Numbered Lists


You can add bulleted and numbered lists to your text from the Side Bar:

  • The first button will insert a bulleted list.
  • The second will add a numbered list - you can choose the style of the list when you click the button.
  • You can increase or decrease the indent of the list using the last two buttons.

You can stop the list by pressing the list button a second time or by pressing the Enter key twice - you will need to manually decrease the indent.

You can set the number/letter your list begins at by right clicking on the list item in the Text or Reference pane and choosing 'Set Numbering Value'. For lettered lists 1=a,2=b etc.

Copying and pasting lists into or out of Audio Notetaker may affect the formatting of the list.

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