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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 11:41AM GMT

The section button behaves differently depending on whether you are playing, recording or editing and which Pane you are working in.

While playing back or recording audio the main section button will always add a section break at the audio cursor position (regardless of which pane has focus).

  • If there is a section, without audio already below, then your chunks will be pushed into that section, otherwise a new section will be created. 
  • If you are not playing or recording audio then the main section button will add a section break wherever you are currently working, Image, Reference, Text or Audio Pane. 
  • If there is an empty section below (Pane with focus only) then any content after the cursor will be pushed into the next section otherwise a new section will be created. 


Dropdown Menu


All drop-down menu items are applied to the active cursor in whichever pane you are currently working in (even when playing or recording audio).

Insert Section Break Above and Below always create new sections without moving any content or your cursor. 

Remove Section Break

You can remove a section break from any pane. Normally this will merge the contents of the two sections. However as there can only be one image per section you will see an error message if there are two images.

While recording and with focus in the Audio Pane, remove section will not remove the break but will push the audio back to the previous section. This leaves all section breaks in place along with any text and images; you can then edit these after recording.

Push Audio / Text

You can push any audio or text after the current active cursor into the section below with Push Audio or Push Text. Everything is pushed to the beginning of the next section.

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