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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 11:43AM GMT
Access the App Menu by clicking the green menu  button:

This brings up the following menu:

Recent Projects

This displays a list of all the Audio Notetaker documents you have recently opened.


Creates a new blank Audio Notetaker project tab.


Allows you to browse your computer for Audio Notetaker projects to open.


Saves the current Audio Notetaker project. If this is the first time saving then it will Save As.

Save As

Allows you to save the current Audio Notetaker project, choosing a filename and location.


Allows you to access the file manager functions of Audio Notetaker. You have three options:
  1. Home Tab - Opens or switches to the Home Tab
  2. View Projects - brings up the All Projects tab, showing Audio Notetaker projects (see Select Search folders below).
  3. View Portable Devices - brings up the portable device manager which allows you to copy your audio files from the Sonocent Recorder App to your computer.


This gives you two options:
  1. Print - sending your document to the selected printer.
  2. Page Set up - Allows you to set the paper size and orientation.


Lists the audio files within the current document.
Shows whether they are embedded or linked and allows you to mange the audio files.


This gives you several options:
  1. Settings - This brings up the settings dialogue and allows you to configure Audio Notetaker. See here for more information.
  2. Check For Updates - This will check our servers to see if there are updates available. Audio Notetaker will do this automatically. You can change how often it does this in Options (above).
  3. Locate User Data - Audio Notetaker records three files with user information, choosing this will open the folder that contains these three files. You shouldn't need to do anything with them, but if you contact support with a problem then you may be asked to send us one or more of these files.
    i. Audio Notetaker Preferences.xml records your settings, such as colour and chunk sizes.
    ii. History.xml records the files you have opened with Audio Notetaker, and your previous search terms. You  can edit these in Options -> History
    iii. Log.txt records any error messages, you may be asked to send a copy of this file to to help diagnose any problems you may encounter.
  4. Change Licence Key - Use this option to enter a new licence key.


From here you can open our User Guide, view the Tutorial file and video guides.

You can also give us feedback and view information about Audio Notetaker, including your version number and licence key.


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