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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019 10:12AM GMT
Once you've associated a PDF with your project you will need to pick which slide to add to each section as you record. This gives you the greatest flexibility when recording ast here is no-way to edit section breaks in the mobile app, once you've added a section or an Image there is no way to go back and change the order, or insert a blank section.

  1. Lecturers can often skip back and froth through a slide deck. Picking the slide each time allows you to keep in-sync with the lecture
  2. You can easily insert a photograph of the whiteboard into your recording at the correct point
  3. You can easily start a blank canvas to grab a Scribble note of something important
  4. If the lecturer jumps back to talk about an earlier slide then you can add a second copy of the slide to your recording
  5. If there's a non-relevant discussion going on in your lecture, you can add a section with no image
Click 'Add a PDF Page' (option 3 above). If you haven't yet associated a PDF document with your project then you will have the option to pick from a PDF in your devices storage folders, as well as cloud folders on the device.

You then get the option to pick which page to add to this section.

You can choose any page, you do not have to add the pages in order.

As you add PDF pages we grey out pages to help you quickly see the next slide.

You can still choose these greyed out slides and add them to your project.


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