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Reference Guide: 3.1 Importing Files from The Sonocent Recorder App

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 10:52AM GMT

You will need to first transfer your files from the app to your computer:

  1. Wifi Transfer (IOS and Android)
  2. iTunes Transfer (IOS only)
  3. File Explorer (Android only)
  4. File Sharing (IOS and Android)

Files transferred from the app will be in a *.mran file format - these can be opened in Audio Notetaker in the usual way. And will appear alongside your *.Ran files in the All Projects Tab.


When you save your Project you will only be able to save in the normal *.ran format.


Wifi Transfer (IOS and Android)


You need to ensure that both your computer and mobile device are connected to the same wifi network. Some public networks will not allow devices to be discovered, you may need to set up your own private network or try again on a different network.

  • Open the Sonocent Recorder App and press the transfer button:
  • You will then go to the app's wifi transfer page, displaying a four digit code:
  • Open Audio Notetaker. You need to open the Portable Device Manager; open the App menu (green button in the top left) and choose Manage → View Portable Devices OR from the Home Tab choose Transfer → Transfer from Sonocent recorder.
  • After a few seconds your device will be displayed in the left hand pane. Click on your device and enter the four digit code that is displayed in the Sonocent Recorder app.
  • Once this is done you will see a list of all the files on your device.

You can select individual files to copy to your PC or you can choose to copy everything (files with the same names will not be overwritten). You can also choose to delete the files from your device after they have been copied.

Files will be copied to your default Recording folder (You can change this in Settings), normally this is .../Documents/Audio Notetaker Recordings/Portable Device

Once you have copied your file(s) they will show up in the All Projects tab, where you can open and edit the file using all of Audio Notetaker's features.


iTunes Transfer (IOS only)

You can also use iTunes to transfer your files from the Sonocent Recorder app to your PC. This is useful where you do not have a wifi connection or on public networks where device discovery is disabled.


  • Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select your device from the toolbar and choose 'Apps'
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Apps page to 'File Sharing'
  • Select Sonocent from the Apps list and all your files should be displayed.
  • Select the files that you want to transfer and click 'Save-To. Pick a location and save your files to your computer.

Once your files have been copied then you can open them in the normal way; App Menu → Open OR Home Tab → Open Project → Open A Project.


File Explorer (Android only)


If you are using Sonocent Recorder on an Android device you can connect your device to your computer and browse the files. You may need to install Android File Transfer.

Once you have connected your device you will need to find your device and browse to either:

Sonocent Recorder: Android/data/com.Sonocent.SonocentRecorder/files/Projects

Sonocent Link: Android/data/com.sonocent.sonocentrecorder.bundle/files/Projects

All your Sonocent Recorder Projects will be listed and you can manually copy files to your computer.


File Sharing


The Sonocent Recorder app allows you to share your files one at a time to cloud based storage such as Dropbox.

You can browse to these files in the normal way via App Menu → Open OR Home Tab → Open Project → Open A Project.

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