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Reference Guide: 3.6 Audio File Conversion

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 11:55AM GMT

Audio Notetaker converts all audio into Opus, by default.

Conversion on import is a useful option because:

  • If your audio is uncompressed (.WAV), an hour's recording is very large and makes ran file loading and saving slow, as well as using up a lot of disk space. Converting to Opus will keep your ran files small and quick to work with.
  • Microsoft's own audio format, WMA, is not well supported on other platforms, and in particular Apple Mac users need extra software to be able to play files containing WMA.

For normal recordings, you should not be able to notice any quality difference with the conversion.


You can turn conversion off In App Menu → System → Settings → Audio Files. If you don't convert when importing, you can at any time convert your document's audio format to Opus by going to App Menu → Properties and selecting "Convert".

By default we carry out Speech Quality Conversion which doubles the conversion speed creating smaller files, and makes little difference to the quality of your recordings. You may find that the quality of recordings of more subtle sounds such as musical instruments is affected. You can set the convert to Music Quality Conversion which will take longer to convert but will produce better quality, larger files. This can be set on the Import Menu → Audio Quality OR in the App Menu → System → Settings → Audio Files.

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